Serving a wide array of clients, the company provides a varied range of products to cater to every taste and requirement.

4 Arabic Bread Production Line

Total Daily Production Capacity

40,000 packets (6 loaves) daily

Current Daily Production Output 25,000 packets

(restricted by lack of storage space for the finished products)

Production Line

5 Mixers

5 Proofers

5 Ovens

- Ka’ak machine
- Croissant machine
- Slicing machine
- Katayef machine
- Dedicated area for cake production

Production Capacity

Croissants 10,000 pieces

Samoon 15,000 pieces

Sliced Bread 1,000 pieces (various sizes)

Kaak 300 kg

Kaak/Breadcrumbs 200 kg

Date Cookies 1,000 pieces

Indian Cakes 1,500 pieces

Indian Biscuits 200 packets

Indian Sultana 1,000 pieces

Burger Buns 1,000 packet 6 pieces


- French Bread
- All Kinds of Arabic Sweets
- All Kinds of Pastry


Total Current Production Area 12,500 sq. ft.

Planned Expansion Area 3,000 sq. ft. (various sizes)

Office 1,000 sq. ft.

Cold Store Room

Freezer Room


Cash Delivery Vans 40

Delivery Trucks 6

Staff Cars 4

Staff Transport Van 34


Management Team 10

Sales Team 40

Production Team 110

Logistics Team 4